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Our innovative solution revolutionizes convenience store and pharmacy operations. Our solution focuses on reducing daily business costs. We challenge issues like labor shortages, high operational costs, and inefficient logistics. We also address food waste, scaling challenges, rent costs, real-time data utilization, and sustainable practices like CO2 neutrality.  

Our innovation lies in autonomous store technology, optimizing operations through IoT data. 

Autonomous Pharmacy

Our technology allows patients to have Full Pharmacy Service – the possibility to buy prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, pharmacy cosmetics, vitamins, and nutritional supplements quickly and contact-free via touchscreen and have a video consultation with a pharmacist.

Our solution does not require labour for daily on-site operations. Hardware dispenses the medications safely, controlled, and with maximum 24/7 Privacy. The remote video consultation function enables pharmacists to offer a high-quality expert consultation just like patients would receive in a traditional pharmacy. 

AI uses the pharmacy’s medications sales data as input and the simple hardware design enables it to quickly optimise and change the assortment in every specific pharmacy. The medications needed are always available on a real-demand basis by considering the specifics of each pharmacy location. The software and hardware interactively organise the pharmacies with the required number of medications, ensuring that the pharmacy is never out of stock.

Our solution provides retailers with cost savings of up to 75% per pharmacy and a payback period of slightly over a year, enabling pharmacy retailers to open pharmacies in new locations quickly and at low costs. 

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Workforce shortage and high labour costs

Our Autonomous Dark Store Technology includes a complete AI-based software platform, based on a closed independent standalone robotic solution. All the processes are automated, monitored, and adjustable from a distance.
The increase in the pharmacist’s efficiency allows for one physical pharmacist to serve up to 8 autonomous pharmacy locations.


High business process management costs due to a large share of the manual work in the day-to-day business processes

Predictive AI, a complete software platform with an automated robotic solution will provide real process flow optimisation & significant savings.

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The availability of pharmacy services does not meet the immediate needs

 The simplicity of the technology creates an opportunity to increase service availability throughout additional locations.


The adoption of technology is complicated in Pharmacies due to legislation requirements in general and in different countries

Our AI-based pharmacy complies with all EU regulations by providing maximum safety, legitimacy, and privacy. The installation is relatively simple with API integration possibilities and an easily adaptable robotic solution.


LIVE Video Consultation 

Selling pharmacy products - Prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, pharmacy cosmetics, vitamins, and nutritional supplements may require validation of the patient or mandatory consultation to provide complete safety and security for the patient

Customer process flow

Non-restriction product purchase

Over-the-counter medicine purchase

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