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Our innovative solution revolutionizes convenience store and pharmacy operations. Our solution focuses on reducing daily business costs. We challenge issues like labor shortages, high operational costs, and inefficient logistics. We also address food waste, scaling challenges, rent costs, real-time data utilization, and sustainable practices like CO2 neutrality.  

Our innovation lies in autonomous store technology, optimizing operations through IoT data. 


Our technology will make the operation and management of convenience stores modern, efficient and resource-efficient.

 Our Autonomous Dark Store Technology for FMCG includes:

  • Fully autonomous and simple modular point-of-sale hardware

  • A cloud-based software platform for Autonomous Dark Stores (Real-time IoT data collection & AI services)

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Innovative and comprehensive technology

Our Autonomous Dark Store Technology includes a complete cloud-based software platform with the AI function, based on a closed independent standalone robotic solution. All the processes are automated, monitored, and adjustable from a distance.
This allows for the possibility of having only 1 physical operator for 6 to 8 stores.


This will give the possibility to have only 1 physical operator for 6 to 8 stores.


High business process management costs due to a large share of the manual work in the day-to-day business processes

Predictive AI, a complete cloud-based software platform with an automated robotic solution, will provide real process flow optimisation & significant savings.


A user interface that follows the intuitiveness of consumers

Our user interface is customisable to just the way you like it but follows the best functionality practices to make shopping intuitive, convenient, easy, and fast.


  • Product descriptions

  • Nutritional values of the products

  • Product allergens

  • Campaigns

  • Warnings-Limitations

  • Live customer support via telebridge

  • And much more

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Hardware capability for multi-orders

  • Location-independent modular hardware

  • Capability to deliver multiple items in a single order

  • Unlimited package handling - from a small matchbox to a rack of eggs

  • 2-zone temperature control – ambient and chilled (+2 to +8 degrees)

  • The shelves can be adjusted according to the dimensions of the product

  • The base product capacity (14,80m2) is up to 2,500 unique SKUs

sergeizjuganov_ZJU_4702 web.jpg

Restricted goods purchase

Whether it's tobacco products or alcoholic beverages - you can sell anything because our solution validates the person's age and, if necessary, we also validate the identity of the person to ensure the safety of selling restricted products.


Outdoor usage

Our solution is also suitable for outdoor conditions.

This gives an additional opportunity to be closer to customers anywhere and at any time – independently as a stand-alone store and 24/7.

Grab2Go Schaerer Coffee solution.png

Autonomous Coffee Solution

Process benefits:

  • Ensured cleaning routine

  • Ensured use of the correct cleaning agent

  • Ensured correct cleaning agent dose

  • Ensured decalcification

Cost benefits:

  • 15 minutes less operator time per intervention

  • 50% fewer operator interventions per week 

  • 1 technical intervention less per year 

  • No descaling intervention 

  • No Uptime decalcification agent needed

Customer process flow

Multi-order of different products

Restricted item purchase - Tobacco

Restricted item purchase - Beer

Single item purchase


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