AI-Powered Autonomous Store Technology

by Grab2Go

Complex challenges

  • Labour shortage, labour planning and increasing labour costs.

  • High operating costs of working 24/7/365.

  • Inaccuracy in assortment and inventory management that leads to food waste.

  • Inefficiency in logistics with a large CO2 footprint and costs.

  • Etc.

Direct Impact

Always open Autonomous Store Technology reduces day-to-day operational costs.

Change the assortment efficiently and as needed, based on location in all individual point-of-sale units – thus, the potential of the unit is taken to the next level.

Bestselling products are always available thanks to the use of real-time data to calculate and improve sales dynamics using artificial intelligence tracking.

Automatically track and secure inventory through point-of-sale inventory as needed and much more.

Autonomus Store Technology

Whether you are a small or a global organisation, you need a flexible way to make your goods available to customers 24/7/365.

Unmanned, fully autonomous, closed robotic store technology as a prompt purchase, self-checkout and collection solution.

Entirely Cloud-connected with Real-time IoT data collection as well as remote control allows for an instant overview of the store performance and required refills.

AI in the Cloud & at the Edge

Retail is all about DATA and the ability to apply this data quickly in everyday business - all the rest is behind the curve.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible to uplift operational performance and boost incremental sales.

Data in real-time can make quick decisions and changes through the Edge locations rather than time-consuming complicated manual processes.

We work with the Best Partners!

Grab2Go is collaborating only with the best partners to meet our customer expectations in the best possible way!

Our Investors

Our company is backed by many well-known angel investors in Estonia. The leading financing investor was Madis Müür. In addition to him, many well-known angel investors in Estonia, have joined to support our journey!

Meet Our Team

Mart Viilipus

CEO, General Manager

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Reio Orasmäe

CSO, Sales & Marketing

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Ago Mõlder

CTO, Technology & Architecture

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Lauri Kiivit

CFO, Finance

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